Joint Replacement

Surgical Procedure for joint replacement:

If nonsurgical treatments like medications, physical therapy, and changes to your everyday activities do not relieve your pain and dysfunction, You require a total joint replacement and it’s recommended to get rid of this condition pretty fast. 

It’s the procedure where the surgeon performs in order to remove arthritic or damaged joint and replace it with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called a prosthesis.  


When Is Total Joint Replacement Recommended by a doctor?

Severe knee pain, stiffness in knee joint and unbearable pain that limits your everyday activities such as walking, getting in bed and getting out of it, it also makes climbing stairs like a very difficult task. the most common reason for knee joint replacement is Damage from arthritis. 

Here are a few Key factors in determining if you’re a good recommendation for knee joint replacement include: 

  • Aging is one of the most believable reasons of the joint problems an intolerable pain can lead you to get disturbed and which is why a total joint replacement is needed. 
  • At a young age if there is a lack of nutrition and immunity. A young body can also be at the risk of getting joint problems and to continue a healthier lifestyle without being interfered joint replacement is a suffice option. 
  • If your job requires the body activity such as bending down and climbing stairs and climbing ladder or if your knee is deformed, bows, or “blows out” regularly. Joint replacement is an option. 


How do you prepare for knee joint replacement?

  • It’s important and very essential to get the full medical history shown to the doctor and surgeon before getting the surgery done. 
  • It’s absolutely recommended to indulge into a full physical examination as a precaution. 
  • Get complete guide on blood tests and x-rays and be sure the right reports are being shared for safe results. 

Shoulder trauma can be minor or serious. Some of the common symptoms may include pain, swelling, numbness .weakness or changes in your range of motion. 

PRP preparation and recent advances have made it possible for surgeons to take advantage of this concentrated form of growth factors and cytokines that are naturally present in blood clots.

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery