Knee ACL Tear

It is an injury which is being caused due to a tear or any kind of sprain of the ligaments in your knees. This injury can cause due to various reasons like if we stop suddenly while we were running or walking, if we change the directions, while jumping and standing and playing games like soccer, football, basketball and skiing as well. Some people might feel a sound of ¨pop”at the time when the injury occurs. They may also feel swelling, unstable and it might also become too difficult for the knees to bear the weight.

Knee _ACL


 The basic symptoms are:

  • “Popping” sensation can be felt in the knee
  • No movement in the knees
  • Severe swelling
  • No able to bear the weight of body in knees


 If you feel that you are facing these symptoms, then please see a doctor immediately. You need to understand the importance of the knees, ligaments and tissues that coordinate with one another. So it is extremely important to treat this injury in the initial stage itself.


 It might happen due to the following mentioned reasons:

  • If you are running but you suddenly slow down or change the direction while running
  • If you are jumping and you just stand on your feet suddenly
  • Stopping abruptly
  • If you fell and if you have been hurt in your knees


 People who suffer from an ACL injury might be at a high risk of osteoarthritis in the knees. It may also occur when you go through a surgery for reconstructing the ligament.


You can prevent the ACL injury by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • You should do those exercises that should be helpful in strengthening the leg muscles.
  • You should do those exercises that should strengthen the core parts of the body.

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