Meniscus Tear

The knee has got two pads of cartilage giving support to the movements of the joints. The C shape cartilage are known as meniscus. When the knee is over extended, it can lead to tear of meniscus.



Whenever the knee is being twisted beyond its limit, it can lead to tear of miniscus. It can happen while you are playing the sport or may be while doing exercise. It might happen in old age as well. So even if there is a simple twist that takes place, it can lead to miniscus tear.


Signs and symptoms

  • A popping sound and sensation
  • Swelling
  • Pain while twisting the knee


Depending upon the severity of the miniscus tear, the types of the miniscus tear have been mentioned below:


  • Partial Tear: It is that part when the miniscus is partially torn and not completely. 
  • Radial Tear: It is the severe kind of torn that requires surgery. 
  • Flap Tear: It is the rare kind of tear when miniscus comes as a flap and gets stuck in the knee. 
  • Complex Tear: These are the different kinds of tears that are hard to be removed. 


The doctor initially would go through the physical examination for knowing the severity of the miniscus tear. The doctor would be able to judge it on the basis of pain and swelling and otherwise the doctor might try to rotate the knee in order to check the severity. If it produces the clicking sound, it is miniscus tear. Then the doctor might go for MRI to check the exact position of miniscus tear.



Surgical Treatment

If the area of the tear is large and is constantly creating some or the problem, the surgery might be required. 

Non surgical Treatment

Not all the tears require surgeries and at times, the tear might repaired with some rest and with the supervision of doctor. 

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